Rick Spencer

What is the Источники project?

Seal of Sarov/Arzamas-16

In putting this website together, wanted to create a dedicated workspace for my favorite research: Russian nuclear weapons strategy. Rather than simply including the work I do on this subject in with the others, I wanted to more completely represent the project. It is not a collection of finished pieces but a workspace, so visually it need to feel a little more like a desktop where you spread out your materials, alongside the actual writing. I like the idea of the project having something a little thematic, a brand, a visual marker. That marker, at this time is the seal of Russian city now named Sarov. Much like Oak Ridge, or Hanford, or Los Alamos in the US, “Arzamas-16” was a closed city under the Soviet Union, and the birthplace of the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons program. Can you argue that Sarov has a pretty cool little seal?

What is this project?

What are the sources of doctrine for the Russian Federations’s Strategic

Почему используете это слов источники?

Because it has all these great meanings: sources (like a well-spring for water), a bibliography, origin or foundations, etc. etc. I couldn’t really afford to spell out the whole project name in the navigation. This is short.